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Ph: +91 5964 224642 (O), 225763(R)

Wisdom Nursery & School

Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, India
Children at Wisdom Nursery & School

About Wisdom Nursery & School

Wisdom Nursery and School was founded in 1989 by Mrs. Bina Dutt with an aim to serve the society by providing quality education to young children. Bina is a trained teacher herself and her day to day enrolment with the school still remains intact.

Our motto is to impart quality primary education in tandem with fundamentals of discipline. We feel that in our country, primary education has not been given the due importance it deserves. It is our belief that the shaping of personality begins at a very young age and primary education lays the foundation for further higher pursuit of knowledge. For this highly competitive world, we need strong focus to set this foundation correctly. Over the years, Wisdom Nursery & School has emerged as one of the best schools in primary education in Pithoragarh. We have a team of thoroughly house trained teaching staffs which continuously raises the bar in pursuit of excellence.

Pithoragarh – The city of valleys

The school is situated in Pithoragarh which is also the head quarter of Pithoragarh district. Pithoragarh is the part of Uttarakhand state which came into existence in year 2000. Uttarakhand district is formed by combining Kumaun and Garwhal reasons.

Up to 1959, Pithoragarh was a part of Almora district. The new district of Pithoragarh was carved out of Almora district on 24.02.1960. Later, on 15.09.1977 another new district named Champawat was carved out of Pithoragarh. The present area of Pithoragarh district is 6852 sq. Kilometers. Two wide valleys constitute Pithoragarh Township with high ridge separating the valleys. The valleys and the ridge are well developed with plenty of roads fit for vehicular traffic. The northern boundary of Pithoragarh district meets China while in the east; Kali River forms continuous borders with Nepal. The city of Pithoragarh is one of the most beautiful and well spread towns in Uttarakhand and is an ideal place for studying and browsing. Wisdom Nursery School is situated in one of the valleys.

Teaching & Grooming

The medium of teaching is both Hindi and English without being unduly rigid about the selection of the language. The object has always been to see which way students are likely to learn easily and comfortably. To provide the maximum possible personal attention to the children, a student to teacher ratio is 15:1, at least for the nursery and kindergarten classes. As of now, there are 56 teachers in the school for the classes from nursery to five.


We understand that the children learn most when the learning is combined with entertainment. Our focus is all-round development of children and that is why we have slides, see-saw, swings and two basketball stands at school. For children, mostly new nursery entrants, who need some rest time to time, a bed is always kept ready. To take care of the minor ailments some pediatric medicines are kept in the first aid box, and used only after consulting the doctors. If occasionally a child soils its cloths, it is immediately cleaned up to make sure child wears only clean clothes. The school always keeps a stock of spare uniforms.

The school stands on its own land comprising playing area as well. The overall ambience provides a welcome feeling to the young ones who come out for the first time leaving the security of their homes and parents. Almost all the care a fond parent takes for its offspring are provided in the school but not at cost of their studies. Academics are the operative word from the day one.

The school genuinely believes that it has been able to satisfy the society and continue reposing their trust in the school, at least so far as the Nursery and the KG level is concerned. This school is one of the very few who has to regrettably refuse admissions for the lack of the space year after year.
The school thanks the Pithoragarh society in general and the guardians/parents in participation for their continued cooperation all these years and hopes to see a new height in coming future.
Father of Ravi, 7 Years old