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Ph: +91 5964 224642 (O), 225763(R)

Wisdom Nursery & School

Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, India
Children playing at Wisdom Nursery & School

Children Care

When you send your child to school for the very first time, it is quite an emotional moment for you. What will happen to him, how will he behave with strangers, who will take care in case of any problem, should I leave him alone? These are some questions which naturally come to mind to concern Parents/Guardians.

Please don’t worry! We at Wisdom Nursery School are here to take all your worries. We believe in providing a complete homely environment to the new entrants. Our specially trained teachers, caregivers and staffs make it really easy for your child to adapt to the new atmosphere. He or she will never feel alone or away from home. Apart from classrooms, we also have playground with slides, see-saws, swings, basketball stands, indoor games and activities rooms to make sure you child don’t get bored. Children like to play in groups and discover new things together. We provide the positive atmosphere for children to explore, learn and grow together.

But we also make sure that the children learn to get disciplined. We firmly believe that children can be easily molded at earlier ages and the discipline becomes a natural habit if adopted early.

We, therefore, are somewhat strict in following and are sure you understand our motto behind it. It is therefore compulsory:
  • That the student wears approved school uniform in full while attending the school. If not, we might send him/her back home. Well, we understand sometimes, like on Birthday, he/she would like to wear the dress of his/her choice, and of course it is allowed.
  • That the School Bags have the school’s logo and name on it.
  • To wear only school uniform shoes. Fancy shoes do not gel well with school uniform.
It is advisable to purchase the uniform, shoes, bags, windcheaters from the school accredited supplier for uniformity. Wearing similar uniform provides a lesson of equality to children.

How do we take care of your child?

Apart from giving personal care we make sure your child remains healthy and enjoy his/her school time. Here are some of the things we take special care about:

  • Water is purified before being served to anyone. Some children get cold easily and for those warm and treated water is provided during winter. We also provide boiled water for any medical reason or if requested by the parents.
  • We have a stock of pediatric medicines to take care of minor ailments like stomach aches, loose bowels and mild fever. We also keep our first aid box ready for minor accidents and cuts.
  • Cleanliness of the class rooms and surrounding is ensured and we also keep an eye on the personal hygiene of children. Don’t worry about your child spoiling his/her cloth. We will promptly change that with a fresh, clean cloth so that he does not miss out anything. You, being a nice parent, are supposed to return it back after proper wash and ironing.
  • Sometimes, our tiny students get sleepy. We have a bed available for them to take rest and nap.
  • We have a library of interesting books and magazine. These are issued to the students for reading at home.
  • We provide bus facility to the children of the willing parents. But this is subject to availability in your area and number of seats.

School Timings

School timing is from 8:55 AM to 2:15 PM and the academic year is from 1st April to 31st March.

Winter vacation starts from 25th December to the last week of January and summer vacation from 15th June to 30th June. This may however get slightly changed and we will inform you in advance.

The cultural activities are held on 15th August and sports day on 14th November in the school. The children go for a picnic after sports day.
Father of Deepti, 8 Years old