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Ph: +91 5964 224642 (O), 225763(R)

Wisdom Nursery & School

Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, India
Teachers at Wisdom Nursery & School

Guidelines for Parents

We, at Wisdom Nursery & School, welcome your child and appreciate your trust in the school. At the same time, to live up to your expectations, we solicit your cooperation in running the school in a way, which gives maximum benefit to the pupils academically, besides keeping an eye over their moral and social development. Here are the set guidelines and requirements which are expected to be understood well and followed by the concerned parents just like you – and this is to ensure, your child gets everything what we have to offer!

What do we teach?

Well, we have the ample resources to teach from Nursery to Class-V. The medium of teaching is both English and Hindi, without being unduly rigid about the selection of the medium. Our objective is to ensure the way the students are likely to learn their lessons well.

We taught the following subjects apart from fun-filled activates: English Grammar, English Language, Mathematics, Hindi, Science, Social Studies, Computer, Drawing and General Knowledge. Of course, the subjects are not the same for all classes.

Classes and the Subjects Taught
Class I to V: All Subjects
KG II: All Subjects except English Grammar, Computer and Social Studies
Nursery & KG I: All Subjects except Science, Social Studies, Computer and English Grammar

How do you contribute in Child’s development?

We believe that the first and most important school for any child is his/her home. It would not be out of place to mention that out of 24 hours in a child’s day, only 5 hours or so are spent at school and the rest mostly at home. No doubt then that the utilization of this long period of time in effective way becomes the decisive factor towards the future progress of the child.

The school firmly believes that the Parents/Guardians and the school have a common goal - welfare of the child. And we assure you to make all the endeavors from our side for achieving the same. We request the similar commitment from your side also towards this.

The child looks up to the school teacher for guidance and the attitude, “Madam is always right”, helps the child to follow the teacher’s instruction faithfully. To keep this image of the teachers untarnished in the eyes of the child, it is essential that you make no adverse comments about the teachers or the school in the presence of child. If that happens, the child starts losing confidence both in the teacher and the school and thereby, the child’s educational progress suffers. We are always there and welcome every type of feedback from you. In fact, that helps us to improve even further.


Registrations will start from the month of December to ensure good strength of the students. Please visit the school for getting the registration form. Please fill it completely and accurately and hand it over to our office staff. Registration forms will be distributed till the filling of all the seats.

But please remember, after filling the seats, we won’t be able to give new admissions. The registration fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferrable to later years and it does not necessarily guarantee admission.

If the registration is not confirmed by admitting the child within the next seven days from the date of registration, the vacancy may be filled up by others desirous of admission in the school.

Download Admission cum Registration form: [English] | [Hindi]


The very condition of admission is that you as the parents/Guardians abide yourselves fully with the school rules and regulations. Any changes such as in the tuition fee or some other fees, or rules, will necessarily be binding on you. Further, you should also understand that it would not acceptable that you dictate the school management regarding the policy matters of the school and that; it is the right of the school to do so. The interpretation of any rule laid down by the school, along with any amendment if any, shall rest with the school and the same will be final and binding on the Parents/Guardians and students and in no case, shall lie in any court of law in respect to their decision.

You need to pay the admission fee and submit four photographs along with the admission form. These are for fixing purpose - two in the school diary, one in each in the Report card and the admission form.

The admissions are made on a full-term basis and any withdrawal in the middle of the term will make you pay full fee for the rest of the term. In any case, at any point of time, if you wish to withdraw the student from school, please inform us at least one month in advance for finalizing the accounts as per the rules and regulations of the school. This also gives us time to fulfill the vacancy to other applicants for admission and provide extra attention to the student.

To obtain a ‘Transfer Certificate’ from the school, one month’s notice shall be required and a fee of Rs. 100/- shall be payable for the same. The change of date of birth in T.C. is not possible by the school and you are advised to fill the correct date of birth at the time of admission in the school.

The principal reserves the right to refuse admission or readmission to anyone without having to show any reason for the same.

Post Admission

Please read the school diary every day and ensure that the Home work has been completed by your child. In-fact, the home-work is nothing but the repetition of class work done earlier in the day. Make sure you give full attention during this. The haste in getting the Home Work done by the child, quite often tends to be “just a waste of time”.

Please don’t say, “I have no time to give personal attention to my child”. In that case, may we request humbly not to admit or continue your wards in this school?

In appropriate time, we will be providing you with a copy of “Guideline to the Parents” which will help your child to “Study and learn well”. As a concerned parent, we will expect you to follow that.

Unit Tests:

We will send you all the answer books of the test once it is over, and you should check, countersign and sent back to us as early as possible. This will ensure that you are well aware about your child’s development, potential and interests.

We would not be allowing you to meet your children or teachers during the school hours, this can interfere their learning for that day. We will invite you during school functions and you are welcome (and in fact expected) to join.


It is your responsibility as parents/guardians to ensure that:
  • Your children reach the school on time
  • Your children join the morning assembly on time
  • You collect your wards positively within 10 minutes of the closing time of the school
After 10 minutes of closing time, the school will not be responsible for looking after remaining children awaiting the arrival of their parents/guardians.

We are always pleased to entertain all the study related complaints and allied matters. Please feel free to do so without any hesitation and/or apprehension, on Saturday during the school hours. While we make every effort to avoid, for some reasons, if your relation with the school ceases to be cordial, we politely advise you to take your children to other school of your preference.

Child’s Lunch

It is in the interest of your child’s health that you provide nourishing and filling lunch like Paratha-Sabzi, Roti-Sabzi, Bread-Butter, Fruits, Jams, etc. The food should not be messy and time consuming to eat. Noodles, Chips, Namkins and such do not have much of a food value and these are not ideal lunches for a child. It is also a source of temptation for other children in the class. We thank you for your understanding in not proving these junk foods in their lunch boxes. Don’t forget to keep a small square cloth and a plastic glass in the child’s bag. Check these on a daily basis to ensure cleanliness.


We understand that a few times during year, you may leave the station with your family members. It is normal for the child to get out of track during this period. Hence, please make it a point to collect the ‘Vacation Home Work’ before leaving.


Please keep an eye on the notice board regularly. We provide important information time to time which you are supposed to be aware about. We stick the notice in the school bus also for your convenience.
Father of Amit, 7 Years old